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Domestic abuse and families

Domestic abuse and families

IDAS provide services to families impacted by domestic abuse.

This includes supporting a non-abusive parent and child/ren through our innovative whole family service or our long-running Respect programme, which focusses on families where a child or young person is displaying abusive behaviours towards their parent or carer.

A whole family approach

DAWFA is our domestic abuse whole family approach programme. Through this programme we directly support adult and child victims of domestic abuse, and where it is safe to do so, we work collaboratively with specialist agencies to challenge and help change the behaviours of those who’ve caused harm in the family.

We understand that the needs of each family member are unique but inter-dependent and believe that helping families to develop the skills to reduce conflict, build resilience and coping mechanisms can reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes for children.

Referrals can be made to the service for children and young people who are between the ages of 10 and 18. Children and young people are supported by a specialist children’s worker whilst a domestic abuse practitioner provides expert advice and support for the non-abusive parent.


We also provide workshops and groupwork for parents, that provide the opportunity to connect with other parents who have similar experiences and help them to understand and cope with behaviour children can display as a result of trauma.

Practitioners work closely alongside partner agencies to coordinate a family plan that feels achievable and does not overwhelm the family, so they receive the right support at the right time. The support for the child or young person can be provided at home, in school or in some other safe setting and can be one to one or in a group.


The Respect service is an early intervention for families where a child or young person is displaying abusive behaviours towards their parent or carer.

Following a recognised programme, practitioners help young people identify and positively change their behaviour so that they can go on to form positive relationships in the future. Our intention is to rebuild family relationships and create long lasting change for everyone in the family, by providing healthy and sustainable approaches to manage conflict.

1:1 sessions are carried out with the young person over several weeks and we treat them as part of the solution, as opposed to viewing them as the problem. The sessions can take place at home, in school or at some other safe setting.

We also work with parents on a 1:1 basis focussing on their strengths, helping them with safety planning, conflict resolution and parenting techniques. Once both the parent/carer and child have completed some individual sessions, we bring them together for a family intervention.

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