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Sexual violence and abuse

Sexual violence and abuse

Sexual violence or abuse is any sexual act that you don’t or are not able to consent to.

1 in 3 women and around 1 in 9 men have been subject to sexual assault. For sex to be consensual, consent must be actively sought and actively given. Where this isn’t the case a sexual assault has occurred. Sexual abuse also includes being guilt-tripped or coerced into a sexual activity.

We support victims of childhood sexual abuse as well as people who’ve been assaulted or raped as adults.

It does not matter how long ago the abuse happened or who committed it, IDAS can provide confidential and independent support.

IDAS worker talking to a woman

Overview of our services

IDAS provides support and advice for victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse across North Yorkshire.

Woman in a group listening

Outreach and groups

We can provide tailored 1:1 emotional and practical support and group support, whether you are going through the criminal justice system or not.

Mother with her son standing against a brick wall

Support for children

Our specialist teams support and advice for children and young people who’ve been sexually abused or assaulted.

Man sitting in cafe looking thoughtful

Support for men

Around 1 in 9 men are subject to sexual abuse. This includes childhood sexual assault as well as abuse in adulthood.

Young woman at a Pride event

Support for LGBTQ+

Anyone can be subject to sexual assault or abuse with devastating impacts; we regularly support LGBTQ+ victims.

IDAS Independent sexual violence advisor talking to a woman in a cafe

Support for people who swap or sell sex

Our expert staff provide confidential, non-judgmental support to anyone who has been subject to abuse or sexual violence.

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