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Support if you are LGBTQ+

Anyone can be subject to sexual assault or abuse with devastating impacts.

Some studies show that lesbians and gay men as well as trans people experience high levels of sexual violence and abuse. Sexual violence can occur in relationships but can also be perpetrated by a stranger, sometimes as a homophobic or transphobic hate-crime.

Your support

By its very nature, sexual abuse and assault can be very difficult to talk about and so often remains a hidden problem. LGBTQ+ people can face prejudice, homophobia and transphobia which may make it more difficult to speak out for fear of not being believed or because of a lack of trust in specialist agencies. Our ISVAs Independent Sexual Violence Advisors have received specialist training and understand the additional barriers that people from the LGBTQ+ community can face. If you have been subjected to sexual violence or abuse at any time in your life you can access our services. Our services are free and inclusive, and you will be treated with respect and compassion. Your dedicated ISVA will provide a safe, confidential space for you to talk about, and make sense of, what has happened and go through your options with you. They will continue to support you whether you decide to report to the Police or not. Your ISVA will also provide advice and strategies to help you cope and recover from the pain and hurt of the sexual violence you have experienced. They can also support you to access other specialist services, such as counselling or drug and alcohol support.
“I felt I had the support of someone who absolutely understood me and my situation with absolutely no judgement. Although our chats were only for an hour, I felt safe and reassured by Sam’s care and knew that I could turn to her any time if needed and she made it such fun. She knew instinctively how to speak to me, and it’s not only been useful but life-changing.”

Survivor stories

Play Video about Jennifer

Jennifer’s video

Jennifer talks about her experience of taking her abuser to court and how important her ISVA was in this process.

Play Video about Shane

Shane’s video

Shane talks about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child and his experience working with one of our ISVAs.

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Our sexual violence website takes a deeper look at the different types of sexual abuse, the myths around rape and includes information on surviving and reporting abuse.
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