Young people and sexual violence

Young people and sexual violence

Children and young people can be subjected to sexual abuse or exploitation at home, at school or in their community.

Most abuse is perpetrated by someone the child knows and trusts including relatives or family friends. Young people may also be groomed into sexually abusive relationships by older adults and the widespread use of online platforms and digital technologies can also put children and young people at risk of abuse by strangers.

How we can help

Sexual abuse and violence causes trauma, fear, physical injury and long term emotional harm to many thousands of children and young people every year. However, with the right support from carers and specialist organisations, children can go on to lead healthy, happy and fulfilled lives even when they have been subject to serious abuse or sexual violence.

As well as supporting children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse, we also have trained ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors) who provide support for anyone subject to sexual violence.

Our support includes directly supporting young people through 1:1 sessions to help them manage the traumatic impacts of sexual violence and support through the criminal justice process.

We can also provide advice and support to the parents of children who’ve been sexually abused providing them with techniques and tools to help them support their children.

All our support is free and confidential and provided by our highly skilled, specialist teams.

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