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Our support explained

We provide services in the community for anyone subjected to domestic abuse, irrespective of their age, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, disability or immigration status.

We will support you whether you want to leave an abusive relationship or stay more safely. Your dedicated worker will work alongside you to explore options so that together you can agree a plan of support that works for you. 

As well as 1:1 support, our groups can help you to rebuild your life and recover from abuse alongside others who have had similar experiences. 

Our safe accommodation includes refuges and self-contained houses which meet the differing needs of adults and families with or without children who need to escape.

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We know it can be hard to pick up the phone. When you ring the IDAS helpline, your call will be answered by a fully trained practitioner who will listen to you, believe you, and support you to talk about your experience, provide advice on how to keep you and any children you may have safe. They can also refer or signpost you for further specialist support if that is what you want.

When you call our helpline, you can give as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with. All calls are confidential, and we do not record them. We will never disclose anything you tell us to a third party, unless we believe that you or another person may be at risk of harm.  

If English isn’t your preferred language, we can speak with you through a translation service and if you have impaired hearing and require a sign language service, we will arrange for someone to see you along with someone qualified in British Sign Language.

The helpline is available between 8.00am and 8.00pm Monday to Friday and between 11.00am and 8.00pm Saturday and Sunday. Call 03000 110 110 for North Yorkshire and Barnsley or 0808 808 2241 for Sheffield.

Our Live Chat facility on our website is available Monday to Friday and is fully translatable. You may find this an easier and more discreet way of contacting us.   

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 If you have referred yourself for support via our website or if someone else has referred you to IDAS, one of our practitioners will talk with you about what you have been experiencing and what support you would like.

Following the conversation, they may ask if you would like to be seen by a practitioner in a local team for longer-term support or they may invite you to attend a group in your community.

Longer-term support can be provided in a way and at a place that best suits you; for example, we can see you in your own home, somewhere in the community, or we can meet virtually. If you would prefer to have telephone contact with your dedicated worker, this can also be arranged.

Your support worker can advise and advocate on your behalf on a range of issues that domestic abuse affects.  For example, you may be worried about your finances, housing situation, or the impact the abuse has had on your relationships with friends and family, including your children.  They can also help you understand your legal rights, explain your options, or support you through a court process. 

So that we can ensure your needs are met, we often work closely with other specialist agencies who can also support you with things like welfare and benefits advice or drug and alcohol issues. 

We offer a range of different groups that provide a safe and supportive space for survivors to meet. Some of our groups help you to recognise the impact the abuse has had on yourself and your children. They can also help you to develop strategies to cope with past abuse and tactics to avoid future abusive relationships. Other groups connect you with people who have similar interests. We have many different groups which are run by our volunteers and range from things such as walking to arts and crafts.  Connecting in this way can help you feel less isolated, give you a sense of purpose, and grow in confidence and self-esteem. 

We provide a range of safe accommodation across North and South Yorkshire for anyone fleeing domestic abuse and sexual violence. From our women only refuges to our fully self-contained houses we are able to help you escape to a place of safety.   We can also help find you accommodation outside of these areas if you need this.

“I just felt I wanted you to know how much I appreciated a call I had with you this afternoon. I had been feeling completely overwhelmed with different things going on in my life and had contacted my GP, they gave me the IDAS number. From the moment I spoke to her I felt understood and was able to completely open up. She allowed me to explain everything that was going on in my head and I didn’t feel rushed at any time. She gave me tools that I can use for challenging my thoughts of not being good enough and I feel confident they will help.”

“Taking part in the groups has been a massive part of my recovery! I built up confidence I never thought I’d have, I learnt to trust and developed new relationships. I can’t recommend all the groups to people enough as without them I don’t think I’d be where I am in life right now. Thank you so much.”

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