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Services if you are abusive

Services if you are abusive

IDAS supports victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and violence.

There are specialist agencies who provide services for people who are perpetrating abuse and want to change. These agencies deliver programmes that work with people who are willing to take responsibility for their actions. The person perpetrating the abuse must recognise that no-one else is responsible for their behaviour and their actions are entirely their choice.

Are you abusive?

  • Always want to know where your partner is and who they are with?
  • Constantly text/call them when they are not with you?
  • Feel jealous about the relationships your partner has with their friends and family?
  • Try to stop your partner from seeing friends or family?
  • Check your partner’s phone or personal emails?
  • Put your partner down, call them names or try to humiliate them with your physical presence?
  • Force them to do things they don’t want to do, including sexual acts?
  • Hurt them by kicking, slapping, punching or any other violent acts?
  • Control the finances by deciding how money is spent, taking out loans in your partner’s name, or deciding whether they should work or not?

If you display any of these behaviours you are hurting people that you love and can choose to stop. Call the Respect helpline, which is offers confidential support and advice.
Tel: 0808 8024040 or Email:

  • For support in North Yorkshire contact Foundation
  • For support in South Yorkshire contact Cranstoun
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