Our strategy

Our strategy

We know that our work is transformational both for those we support and for the wider communities we serve.

In 2022 we developed a new five-year strategy which sets out how we will continue to provide our vital, life changing services and how we will work to help bring about the transformational, lasting change that is needed to reduce levels of domestic abuse and sexual violence across society. 

Ultimately, we want a world where domestic abuse, sexual violence as well as all forms of violence against women and girls are not tolerated. 

To help us achieve this, IDAS will:


We will provide high-quality support and accommodation to meet the needs of survivors and victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Where there are gaps in services and unmet need we will strive to ensure that new services are developed. No-one should be left without support. 


We know from our work with survivors and from research that systemic changes are needed if we are to improve conviction rates and to build survivors trust in the systems set up to protect them. We will work in partnership locally and nationally to influence and campaign for changes that help transform the systems, including policies and legislation, that directly or indirectly harm victims and survivors. In addition to supporting victims this will send a clear message to perpetrators that abuse and violence will not be tolerated. 


Through our training, prevention, education and awareness raising work we will inspire individuals, groups, organisations and whole communities to make the changes in their own lives and in their workplaces to tackle domestic abuse and sexual violence and to challenge the root causes.  This will help create societal change preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence for future generations.