Our partners

Our partners

We are proud to work in partnership with and receive support from a range of organisations and individuals.

Domestic abuse cannot be solved by organisations working in isolation – sometimes the best support for a victim comes from a range of sources. On a daily basis we work with the police, health teams and other charities to find the best solutions for those we support.

IDAS also relies on our partners to support and fund us.

Our funders

Our supporters

Our corporate partners

The Rattle Owl
The Rattle Owl

"The Rattle Owl has been a long-term supporter of IDAS since we started 7 years ago. From adding a voluntary small amount to bills and matching it, to creating art work for sale we have raised 5,000 to support those experiencing domestic and sexual violence. We also ensure we use our position to support IDAS messaging in our toilets, on business cards and through radio promotions as an example."

Torque Law
Torque Law

"We encourage our team to give back to the community we work in, in a way which suits their personal priorities and values. Over the last year we have been collaborating with local women’s charities and our established support for women and individuals experiencing domestic abuse continues as we partner with IDAS to provide vital income and practical help through our team and our wide business network."

Broadway House Chambers

"Broadway House Chambers are delighted to work in partnership with IDAS. The team at IDAS maintain frequent communications throughout the fundraising process and always offer to assist in our efforts. IDAS are grateful for donations, no matter how big or small and express sincere gratitude and heart-warming thanks when they are nominated as a chosen charity. Without a doubt, we will be supporting IDAS in future campaigns to help ensure they have enough funds to continue their incredible work."


"The Team at Tomrods were delighted to partner with IDAS. The partnership was great for us as a company to team build and have fun, whilst raising funds to support the largest domestic abuse charity in the region, we are big supporters of the work they do! Keep up the amazing work IDAS!"

Sills and Betteridge Solicitors
Sills and Betteridge

“IDAS are an extraordinary charity – demand for their services is huge, and they need additional income from the private sector to continue the incredible work they do. In addition to the corporate financial support that we are able to give them, our staff are also looking forward to getting involved in their fundraising events.”

Williscroft and Co solicitors
Williscroft & Co

“We have made the decision to support IDAS as a corporate partner with a monthly donation as we really value the services that IDAS provide to the community. In our work as family lawyers we often meet people who are in need of further support and now our partnership enables us to go that one step further to supporting the services IDAS provide. We are looking forward to getting involved with some fundraising over the next few months.”

Double Tree by Hilton
Doubletree by Hilton Harrogate Majestic Hotel & Spa

“As part of our Care Committee here at the hotel, we elected IDAS as our charity of the year – this means that we will have various events throughout the year to raise money for IDAS and support them in any other way we can! IDAS is a charity that is close to our hearts, and we believe that there needs to be more awareness and education around the stigma that is domestic abuse.”

Bonny Snowdon Academy
Bonny Snowdon Academy

“Domestic abuse can happen to anyone at any time, mentally as well as physically. I wish with all my heart that these charities didn't have to exist, but sadly having experienced mental abuse first hand, I know what a lifeline they are and I feel honoured to be able to support them.”

Jordan's solicitors
Jordans Solicitors

“Jordans Solicitors Abuse Compensation Department and Family Department act for survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse and know just how important the support IDAS offers to survivors is. We are delighted to be working alongside IDAS to ensure that the clients we represent have their support during the legal process.”

“I come into contact with many people who use the services of IDAS, all of them have praise for the services IDAS provide. The teams are always willing to help and go the extra mile when they can. The training provided by IDAS is always excellent and extremely well attended. Thank you IDAS.”