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Our values

Our values

Our values underpin everything we say and do, from the way we support our clients to the way we treat our staff and the people who volunteer for us.

We never tell people what to do and respect everyone’s right to make their own decisions.

Our core values

Compassionate hands holding a heart


We hold survivors at the heart of what we do and we care deeply about all that we do and how we do it.  

Inclusive hands joined together


we stand up for those we support; we are determined to make a real difference to lives and communities.

Courageous fist held high


We listen and hear what people tell us. We do not judge but show empathy and understanding to those we support and to the people who work or volunteer for us.

Inspirational shining lightbulb


Our work inspires transformational change for individuals and communities. We are experts and leaders in our field, pioneering new ways of work for the benefit of those we are here to serve.

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