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Trigger Warning – a poem
Survivor poems

Trigger Warning - a poem

Trigger Warning - a poem written by a survivor
Survivor Story

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This poem was written by a survivor who has taken part in the IDAS Power To Change programme. She has never spoken about the abuse she and her children experienced before, but wanted to share this poem.

Trigger warning

Putting pen to paper again
Survivors poem
sound of footsteps
a slam of the door
my heart races
(I can't take this no more)

I can't breathe my body's shaking as the fear inside me asks
Can I survive this?
Every punch, slap, kick
My body felt this

I awoke batted and bruised, but this was the day I had to do it

Till this day I'm not sure what happened
All I remember is me saying what happened
Before I knew police was involved

I thought
Oh lord what will he do now

The strength of this man I knew to be strong
The fear I felt was overwhelmed.

But the day came and I go the call
He got 16 years
I fell to the floor
I could not believe it

I felt like a butterfly


I cried with joy, this day I could never see
Survival mode kicked in and I had to do it
And women who are still going through it

You can do it

Speak out

Stop domestic violence

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