My day in the hub
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My day in the hub

Ella describes her day working in the IDAS hub.
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My day started with checking my emails and new case assignments. I then made a plan for the day for making calls to new clients who have just been referred to us alongside my scheduled calls with clients. 

 During the first scheduled call for the day, I completed an assessment with a survivor who we had been struggling to get a hold of due to the perpetrator always being home. We agreed to arrange a time that the perpetrator was in an appointment to complete the call.  We completed the DASH risk assessment, agreed a safety plan and spoke about support options. The client gave consent for me to submit a MARAC (multi agency risk assessment meeting) referral as the DASH risk score indicated she client was high risk.  

I completed the MARAC referral form and wrote up the notes from the call.  

I then called and spoke to a Social Worker about a query on a case they have referred into service. I had spoken to the victim, and they were unsure what support the Social Worker was providing them. The client was feeling anxious today and asked if we could contact her Social Worker to ask if they could call her, as she was worried that if she had to initiate the call, someone else may answer the phone and she would have to speak to a stranger. I spoke with the social worker about the anxiety and agreed she would instigate regular contact. 

Next was a team meeting; a time to catch up discuss any policy changes or concerns about clients and check in on each other’s wellbeing, especially important when we have a blended home & office working life.  

After the team meeting, I attended a strategy meeting for one of my clients. In this meeting I and the other agencies discussed the welfare of my client’s children and if a Section 47 inquiry should be carried out (this is to decide what action needs to be taken if a child is at risk of significant harm).  After the decision was made, I called the client regarding the strategy meeting. She stated that she had just come off the phone from the Social Worker. She was emotional but felt ready to make changes. We spoke about support options and agreed to complete an assessment to get her some ongoing support with the local team. An appointment was arranged for the following week.  

The rest of the day was spent finalising my notes and paperwork.  I completed some case closures and checked that my reminders were set for my call attempts the next day, adding any additional things that I would need to remember. Another day done and ready for the next! 

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