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30 years she gave him
Survivor poems

30 years she gave him

30 years she gave him, Of her ordinary life, He a punk rocker, Her the doting wife...
Thirty years she gave him - a survivor's poem

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30 years she gave him
Of her ordinary life
He a punk rocker
Her the doting wife

Without the ring and paper
Joint bank accounts nor kids
Yet she ran the home like clockwork
While he played Mr Big

Charisma just like honey
Charm like golden teeth
A wolf in wolfs clothing
She was swept off her feet

He wined her and dined her
Like she’d never been before
He rescued the waif
Like a stray at his door

She needed love and security
To be accepted for herself
He needed a tabula rasa
To mould and tempt with his wealth

But the great high and mighty
Needed a stool to stand tall
A prop to empower him
Which she gave while shrunken small

The control he had upon her
It certainly was strong
The control she had upon herself
All of it was wrong

She was the door matt at home
Desperate to please
Feet wiped both inwards and out
While she cried upon her knees

She became a pretender
To keep the status quo
Yet in her heart she knew
She knew she must go

So sorry she says
As she knew it all along
It should never have really happened
Staying together for so long

Never really suited
The years they came n went
Her life she wasn’t living
What she wanted she just dreamt

Now the door is open
A glimmer of light shines through
Has she got the courage
That she once knew?

Pale and wobbly like a newborn
She shields her eyes from the sky
Anxious and apprehensive
Scared to wonder, deemed to cry

Her freedom awaits
Dare she walk to the other side?
Alone again yet much older
Can she take that first stride?

She needs a point and a purpose
A plan and a goal
Strength, support and nourishment
To feed her aching soul

I hope she finds her inner strength
And herself, who I once knew as a girl
Such hopes and dreams she had
To travel the world

Plant your feet outside I tell her
Grab your suitcase and your bag
Stand up straight, take a deep breath
And don’t look back

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