Pledge your support & help us make a thunderclap!

Pledge your support & help us make a thunderclap!

26 November, 2015
Hashtag We All Deserve

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Everyone deserves to know where they can get support if they are affected by domestic abuse.

Please pledge your support to our social media campaign by signing up to a Thunderclap now. By signing up, you will enable us to flood Facebook and Twitter with a message of support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse, providing them with a link to the IDAS website.

It could not be easier to get involved and make a difference.

Thunderclap is an online platform that enables you to schedule a status update that will be posted on your behalf at the same time and on the same day as everyone else who is participating.

This means that IDAS is able to spread the message about its services to thousands of people in an instant. The more people who pledge their support to the Thunderclap the wider the reach will be.

Every person who signs up will help us to reach another victim of domestic abuse.

To give Thunderclap the ability to post to your timeline so that we speak as one voice, you need to click through to our Thunderclap page and click on the button to sign up.

The message that we send will read:

#WeAllDeserve relationships free from fear, control & violence. Visit for support & advice.

On International Day of Human Rights, 10th December at 8.30am our message of support will be broadcast across Twitter and Facebook offering a much needed lifeline to anyone living with abuse.

It will only take a minute or two of your time to sign up and the message could save someone’s life.

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