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Launching Family Court Live Chat

Launching Family Court Live Chat

8 May, 2024

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If you are going to court for an order to protect you or if you are attending court for child contact arrangements this can be a daunting experience. If you have been subjected to domestic abuse this can be even more difficult. 

You do not need to face court proceedings alone.  

We provide emotional and practical support to anyone impacted by domestic abuse. We support thousands of victims who are involved in family court proceedings. 

We recently launched our dedicated Family Court Live Chat on the IDAS Family Court website.

Live Chat is available Wednesday, and Thursdays from 11 am – 12.30 pm. 

IDAS have dedicated family court support provided by Family Court IDVAs (Independent Domestic Abuse Advisors) who specialise in supporting victims of domestic abuse in family court proceedings. IDAS have received funding from the Access to Justice foundation to provide this support in Barnsley, Doncaster, North Yorkshire, Sheffield, and York. IDAS Family Court Support includes: 

  • Supporting you to feel safe. 
  • Emotional and practical support through court proceedings. 
  • Assistance with form filling. 
  • Guidance for managing fear and trauma responses. 
  • Arranging pre-court visits. 
  • Advocating for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. 
  • Providing briefings and training to assist with improving knowledge and awareness of domestic abuse. 

Our support is not legal advice.* 

IDAS Family Court IDVAs can provide support in person, on the telephone, and via our online Live Chat on our dedicated Family Court website. Our website contains lots of useful information and guidance to support you. 

Visit Family courts and domestic abuse ( 

For support, please email or call our helplines. 

03000 110 110 Barnsley, Doncaster & North Yorkshire 

0808 808 2241 Sheffield 

*It may help to have the support of a solicitor. You can represent yourself at court, but it may still help to speak to a legal professional. 

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