Joolz and Rory pay us a visit

Joolz and Rory pay us a visit

8 July, 2016
Rory Cowan and Joolz Denby visit our York refuge and open Rory's Garden

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We were delighted to welcome two of our patrons, actor Rory Cowan and writer and artist, Joolz Denby, to York refuge yesterday.  Both have been involved in fundraising to pay for urgent repairs to our garden in time for summer.  

Joolz and Rory joined the refuge residents in a tea party and spent time talking to the children.

The garden has now been re-opened and re-named 'Rory's garden' to recognise the significant donation made by Rory.

Joolz and Rory are determined to continue with their efforts to raise funds and are now planning a summer house for the garden.  

To make a donation please visit: www.justgiving/idas

Rory holding his donation for IDAS Rory Cowan opening Rory's Garden at our York Refuge

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