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Mother protectively hugging her son
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Mediation and the family courts

The Ministry of Justice announcement that mediation may become mandatory could put victims of domestic abuse and their children at further significant risk. Domestic abuse is regularly

Two Met police officers Photograph: Sinai Noor/Rex/Shutterstock
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IDAS response to the Casey report

The findings of the Casey report are devastating for victims, exposing a broken Met police system. It now falls on forces to reform and restore

Fiona Bruce on the set of Question Time
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Just a one-off?

At IDAS we were dismayed to hear Fiona Bruce repeat the suggestion that Stanley Johnson’s abuse of his wife was a ‘one-off’.  We know, from

Police Officer standing in an empty street
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Police must root out offenders

We stand with all the women who have come forward to report David Carrick's abhorrent crimes and all the women who have been subjected to violence and abuse by those in positions of power.    

Woman looking thoughtful staring at the wording Myths about rape
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Myths about rape

Sam Beckett, Independent Sexual Violence Advisor at IDAS exposes some of the myths around sexual violence.

Sarah Everard
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IDAS condemn victim blaming

IDAS condemns language that blames victims or minimises the responsibility of perpetrators. Women are not responsible for male violence and placing the onus on women to change their behaviour to avoid sexual harassment, rape or murder, is wrong.

The faces of women murdered by men during 2020.
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"Not All Men"

It’s "Not All Men", it never was, but all men are needed now to step forward and make a change. IDAS CEO, Sarah Hill reflects on the events of the last week.