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Get involved in 16 days of activism

Get involved in 16 days of activism

30 November, 2016
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From 25th November, UN day to eliminate violence against women and girls, to the 10th December, UN International Day of Human Rights, organisations across the world observe 16 days of activism.

16 days of activism is a global call to action to end gender based violence. IDAS offer practical suggestions and guidance on what individuals can do to tackle the problem in their communities and places of work throughout North Yorkshire. Actions include fundraising, raising awareness of IDAS, and becoming an IDAS champion. Find out how you can get involved by emailing:

Clarrie O’Callaghan, owner of local York restaurant the Rattle Owl and lawyer, talks about the direct action she has taken to raise awareness of IDAS services:

"IDAS provide a critical service to thousands of people around North Yorkshire every year that literally saves lives. Everyone can do their bit to support the work that IDAS do in York and the surrounding area. At The Rattle Owl, as well as raising money for IDAS, all diners get a card with IDAS details and their website address which may prove to be a lifeline for them or a loved one. The business community can facilitate access to information about local domestic abuse services, we all have a role to play in working to end domestic abuse and sexual violence." 

Anyone affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence can contact IDAS on their 24-hour helpline 03000 110 110 or via the website:

Here are some of suggestions of how you can get involved:

  1. #16days Put up posters in the work place
  2. #16days Complete our online CPD accredited training
  3. #16days Become an IDAS champion and actively support our work
  4. #16days Keep the IDAS helpline number in your wallet or purse 03000 110 110
  5. #16days Talk to your children about healthy relationships:
  6. #16days Raise money for IDAS
  7. #16days Complete our rape awareness training
  8. #16days Write a domestic abuse policy for your workplace
  9. #16days Become a professional champion and receive specialist training
  10. #16days Raise awareness in your community by distributing leaflets and posters, contact:
  11. #16days Bookmark our referral form so you can always help someone get the support they need
  12. #16days Organise a sponsored challenge event or donate to
  13. #16days Book a talk for your community group to raise awareness of domestic abuse
  14. #16days Train to be an Employee Champion for IDAS
  15. #16days Attend one of our events
  16. #16days follow us on twitter like us on Facebook

For guidance and support with any of the above actions please contact:

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