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Election 2024 Ending Abuse & Violence

Election 2024 Ending Abuse & Violence

19 June, 2024
Domestic abuse costs over £78 billion annually.

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We are calling on political parties to join our mission to free our communities from fear and violence.

Domestic abuse and sexual violence are at epidemic levels, costing £78 billion annually and threatening our communities.

We are the largest specialist charity in Northern England, we are on the frontline tackling this crisis and we need support. Last year, we handled 30,000 helpline calls, supported over 10,000 people, and provided emergency accommodation to hundreds.

We've set out seven commitments that can help to build a safer, more respectful world and end domestic abuse and sexual violence.


1. Community Support: Long-term investment in local, specialist services for survivors. 

2. Protect the most vulnerable: Safeguard those with insecure immigration status. 

3. Justice Reform: Improve conviction rates and restore faith in the criminal justice system  


4. End Abuse and Violence: Strive for a society where abuse and violence are no longer tolerated. 

5. Healthy Relationships Education: Teach young people about healthy relationships, communication and respect.   


6. Whole Community Responsibility: Make preventing and responding to abuse everyone's duty. 

7. Family Court Reform: Ensure courts prioritise the safety and well-being of survivors and their children. 

Let's make ending abuse and violence an election priority for every political party.

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