Can I obtain a civil Order during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

It is still possible to obtain a civil order, such as a non-molestation order or an occupation order. The Courts are working differently to adapt to the rapidly changing situation. The courts and tribunal service provide the following information:

“During this unprecedented public health emergency, it’s essential that our courts and tribunals continue to administer justice. We’re adjusting practices and taking steps to minimise any risk to the judiciary, staff, professional and public users, including justice partners. Any changes to individual hearings will be communicated directly to those affected, usually by email and/or phone.

“We have put in place arrangements to use telephone, video and other technology to continue as many hearings as possible remotely. We will make best possible use of the equipment currently available; and are working nonstop to update and add to that. Some hearings, the most obvious being jury trials, cannot be conducted remotely.”

To obtain an order, you should first contact a local solicitor who can advise you on whether you can obtain legal aid. The solicitor will also be able to provide information on how hearings are being arranged at your local court.

For more general information you can visit our family court website. Please note that this website may have some information that has not been updated to reflect the latest government guidance. Please refer to the latest guidance.

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