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Refuge Accommodation FAQs

Will you accommodate me if I’m addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Each refuge has its own guidelines on accommodating people with a variety of support needs. If we are able to safely support you in one of refuges then we would be able to accommodate you. If we felt your support needs were better met in a different place, for example, a hostel with 24 hour […]

Can my family visit me?

Unfortunately because of the confidential nature of refuges visitors, including family members, aren’t allowed in our refuges.

Can I still go out?

You can still go out whilst you are living in the refuge although most refuges have a time limit on returning back. This is only in place to ensure safety and peace for other residents.

What is a refuge like?

A refuge provides emergency accommodation to families who need to escape domestic violence. Each refuge is different but most tend to be confidential addresses that provide a mix of self-contained and communal accommodation. In our refuges families have their own bedrooms and bathrooms but share kitchen and lounge facilities. Our refuges only accommodate women but […]

Can I bring my pets to the refuge?

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate pets in the refuge. However, we will work with you to ensure that your pets have somewhere safe to go until you are re-housed. This could include the Dogs Trust fostering scheme, the RSPCA or an informal arrangement with a friend or family member.

What help can a refuge give me?

A refuge provides accommodation with support. Support is offered on a variety of issues such as understanding and overcoming the impacts of domestic abuse, benefits, housing and parenting. We also provide individual support to children who are living in the refuge. For many women and children, the refuge provides a crucial safe haven whilst they […]

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