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Children and Young People FAQs

Will my children hate me if I leave their Dad?

Every case is different and depends on your child’s age, experiences and relationship with their dad.  However, most children are relieved to be out of a house where abuse and violence are taking place although they may still love and want to see the abusive parent.

Will social services take my children away if I tell someone about the abuse?

Getting help and support if you are being abused means that you are taking active steps to protect and care for both yourself and your children.  Social services would see this as a positive.  However, we could only offer advice on this if we know more about your individual circumstances. Please ring our helpline which […]

My child seems really angry. Why is this?

Many children who’ve witnessed or experienced domestic abuse will usually be confused, frustrated and worried about what is happening.  One form of expressing this is through anger.  Some children may also copy behaviours that they have seen in the home and if they have seen or heard angry behaviour they could copy this. IDAS can […]

What help is available?

There is help available for children and young people but this varies from area to area.  We provide an advocacy service to children in York and the Respect Young Person’s Programme across North Yorkshire.   In Barnsley we offer a Young Person’s Domestic Violence Advisor who supports anyone over the age of 13.  We can also […]

How does domestic abuse affect my children?

Domestic abuse can affect your children in many different ways even if they are not directly hit or verbally abused. Many children hear or witness the abuse and this can leave them traumatised. Common effects include: Anxiety and depression Disturbed sleeping patterns, including nightmares and flashbacks Physical symptoms such as stomach aches Bed wetting Temper […]

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