Are you a BraveSoul?

Are you a BraveSoul?

10 August, 2017
Jennifer Potter

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Jennifer, a brave survivor, who received support from our ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) service, has written a book to support other survivors.

Jennifer’s personal story is an inspiration to many people who are dealing with the trauma of sexual violence. Jennifer is currently fundraising to have her work published.

Jennifer says:

“I had no idea that organisations like IDAS existed. I had lived with the experience of my rape alone for nearly twenty years.  

“When I was offered support from IDAS and eventually met Sam who would be my ISVA, it would make a massive difference to me. Learning to ask for help and receive it was an important thing I needed to re learn having shut myself away.  

“Sam was super helpful, she could answer every question I had, give me examples of other people who’d been through it and really did help to prepare me for the onslaught of appearing in court.  There is currently no other support available to you unless you pay, this charity is invaluable.  I didn’t know what support I needed, but Sam did and she made she sure I was supported, held and guided through the process.  I really hope more people realise that they don’t need to suffer in silence, even if they don’t want to disclose to the police what happened to them, they can still get support from IDAS.  I hope more people start to speak out and seek support to live the life they were always meant to live.”

We are delighted to have supported Jennifer and that she is now in a place where she feels able to speak out to encourage others to seek support as well.

You can support Jennifer’s work on her Go Fund Me page and find out more on her Facebook page

Our ISVA service is available to anyone who has experience sexual abuse or sexual violence. Contact us on our helpline 03000110110

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